About DVD Pila!

The word Pila is Spanish for Pile, and I have a pile of DVDs that I’d like to rip and record that I have ripped them.

This project started as an excuse to learn Ember.js and use the Bourbon SASS mixin library. For version 3.0 the project morphed into a Ruby on Rails app and has become an excuse to learn React.js… at least at some point.

Here are some additional projects that DVD Pila! relies on:

Project Reason
Ruby Without Ruby there would be no Rails, but Ruby is a great language for a lot of things.
Ruby on Rails Probably the best website framework out there. After using several Rails allows fast and easy development of great database backed sites.
PostgreSQL A cool database I have wanted to use for a while, and you gotta store your data somewhere.
jQuery Not sure what the web would look like today without jQuery, but it would sure as heck be a log less friendly.
Foundation Makes things look good and has a lot of UX baked in.
Sass A lot more fun writing CSS with SASS
CoffeeScript Manipulating video playback is made a lot easier with CoffeeScript.
Dragonfly Makes file upload very easy for images, files, etc.

Smoosh all these projects together with some code from various blogs, StackOverflow questions, etc, and I give you DVD Pila!.

Hope you enjoy!

Party On!