For whatever reason, maybe I'm just dense, I've been having a very hard time connecting Ember.js Data with a simple REST server written in Flask that queries one table in PostgreSQL. Sounds simple enough, and I could smash togther some jQuery, or even Angular.js, code to push and pull JSON to and from the Flask server. I'd like to use Ember Data though.

I think a lot of my confusion is coming from when to call the createRecord method to save the data to the server via HTTP POST. I can send the POST call, but the request has no data and therefore Flask can't save anything to the database.

A big frustration for me is that though there are some great tutorials, especially the one on Tuts+ all seem to use fixture data and not live database calls. Fixture data would be fine, I guess, but I'm still blasting my head up against the wall trying to get Ember to send data.

Thought I'd start a daily development blog and use this platform at least until/if things get crazy.

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