After this morning's hour of coding I was able to implement search. Well more of a filter really, but it amounts to the same thing. Yay for regex.

I found this great StackOverlfow post that details implementing a search filter of an ArrayController. There is also an explanation of the code in the answer comments. I found it enlightening.

After publishing yesterday's post, I had some additional coding time before bed, and implemented some validations in Ember.js. I know I'm probably doing it wrong, but my code works so pffft. I also setup flash messages from this great post by Eric Barry. It works like a charm, but I might like a more Railsy flash message that sticks around until you click a close button... we'll see about adjusting that later.

Things are moving along, and it's now a lot of fun to develop using Ember.js. Next up IMDB integration...

Party On!