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The next big hurdle for my little project is to add some pagination to the 110 item object collection. I might look into server side pagination at some point, after finding out that that is even a thing, but for now adding a few funcitons to the Ember controller has given the needed functionality.

I used Adam Hawkin's great pagination guide, and it worked for me with only a few changes. The changes were quite minor adjusting bindAttr to bind-attr was the main one. Ember printed some deprecation messages in the console, but everything still worked. I also needed to move one of the functions into the actions object, but other than that everything worked as the coded in the JS Bin example.

There was an issue with my "search" filter after adding pagination. I first thought that if you clicked on a different page that the filter broke, but after more testing I realized that it's filtering only the objects on the current page forward. So after some digging and wrong turns, I added this quick call in my query action: this.send('selectPage', 1);. This will executes the selectPage action function sending it back to the first page, and after that all the results are filtered on the search query. Bob's your uncle!

Next up... star rating.

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