At some point in my Ember.js learning I came across some simple snippets that implement a "star" rating widget. I thought I had either booked marked the page in my Pinboard, or saved a link in Evernote, but when I went to find it I was straight up denied by the gods of the internets.

Not to get too down in the dumps because I found this great guide for building an Ember app. At the bottom is an example of implementing a star rating widget. It worked as advertised for me, but I'm sure there are other ways of doing this.

After implementing Balint Erdi's code, I needed a star icon, image, or what have you. In the example they use the great Bootstrap framework and use it's icon font to render the star/s. Since I'm not using Bootstrap in my project I had to come up with another solution. I could hunt up a font icon set and use that, but after reading posts like this I've been thinking for small projects maybe using straight SVG files is better. I then found the Open Iconic SVG library, and boom star icon acquired.

I only implemented the star rating on the main list page, but I probably will integrate it into the DVD edit page at some point.

Paty On!