Discourse and PHP Woo

I've gotten around to migrating the actual code for the DVD Pila! web app. It's now officiall more than just a Github pages webasite.

I think from a design aspect it's my best work yet. I've really enjoyed sing the Refills mixin library as well as the other Bourbon libraries. Bourbon has become my goto design framework. I still like Bootstrap and Foundation, but there's just something really cool about using straight Sass.

The other thing I accomplished today was to migrate the database connection code from using straight username, host, and password to storing those variables in a config file. I never realized that Python came with great functions baked in like the ConfigParser module.

In three quick lines your config files is read and your options are at your fingertips:

import ConfigParser

config = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()

Use get along with the section to retrieve specefic values:

db_name = config.get('Database', 'db')

Of course to write to a config file there is a set method. I think this will be a very useful thing to know.

Party On!