I've blasted into a problem with adding DVD records to the ArrayController in Ember.js. The pagination guide I followed didn't take into account adding new records to the paginated collection. As far as I can tell it doesn't anyway.

The problem with using code someone else has written is that sometimes you don't understand how it works. I'm okay with not understanding how a particular peice of code works in my project... as long as it doesn't cause problems. Understanding every line of code you use, without a doubt, is a better way to code and makes you a better developer all around. Sometimes you just have to get things done and hack it together however works. I'm thinking this isn't one of those situations.

On Saturday night I decided to experiment with my own little "development sprint" to see how much I could get accomplished with the DVD PIla! web app. I was able to migrate the code from my self-hosted Gitlab repo to Github, implement a HMLT5 video element in Ember, adjust the database schema for a field to container a URL for the video file, and a plethora of improvements to the Flask server.

I started the sprint at 10:00pm on Saturday, and had the video element implemented by around 11:00 ish. At which point I realized that I need to convert all my AVI files to MP4 so they can work in the video element, doh. It's very cool to be able to view your videos in your a browser from any devise in your house, and I soon got caught up watching Terminator: Salvation which I haven't seen in a while. So I got back to serious work on the project around 1:00am.

At 3:00am I had most of the server code fixed up, and all the small things working and looking good. I went to bed at 3:00am meaning to get back up at 5:00am and continue working, but the snooze was just too good. I ended up getting back into it at 5:30am after my son woke up. There's not a better alarm clock in the world than a 16 month old child.

So I've been on this pagination problem for about 4 hours now... hopefully I can have it locked up soon. I think after that it'll be time to release a version 1.0.

Party On!