playback code screeny

One last feature I wanted to land for DVD Pila! 1.0 is saving where in a video a user left off, and be able to start from where they left off once they play the video again. Turns out implimenting this isn't all that hard.

To accomplish this wonderous feat of development awesomeness, I first had to add a column to the single grand table. The PostgreSQL documentation helped to blast a numeric playback_time field into the table.

Over on the MDN is a great page detailing the video, and audio, element. There I learned all about the JavaScript play, pause, and seek methods. I figured it'd be easy to integrate them into Ember.js. Well maybe not easy, but it should be doable. I wasn't able to find a guide, blog post, etc on using HTML5 video with Ember, but I did find this Stackoverflow post that is pretty close to what I was looking for.

After a some experimentation, I had the feature working the way I'd like. With that DVD PIla! is ready for 1.0 in my esteemed estimation. There are a few things that still need fixed up, and I wanted to look at comments for the blog, but I'll probably come back to that stuff down the road sometime.

Party On!