dvdpila marketing fun

Made a new release of DVD Pila!. Version 1.2 should now work as expected.

I tidied up some of the display CSS as well to make each "dvd block" have the same height and width. This makes things look a lot better. Things just look better when they are in neat little rows. I haven't tested the latest release in my production setup yet as we are travelling this weekend. Hopefully I won't have to release version 1.3 until some time in the future. At least a couple of months from now would be nice.

I think for the month of July I'm going to do as little development on DVD Pila! as possible. Instead of cranking out more code/features I'm going to learn as much as I can about marketing a software product. I read "Growth Hacker Marketing" a few weeks ago and really loved it. It's a great place to start getting the word out about your product. Of course the main advise in growth hacking is to start marketing before you build anything.

Doing the marketing first helps you arrive at Product Market Fit, which means you actually make something people want. In the case of DVD Pila! I was totally scratching my own itch. If people don't want it no big deal. It does what I set out to do when starting the project, and I learned a lot about Flask and Ember.js. Learning was the real goal.

Wonder if I should start a Daily Marketing Blog? Maybe on Linkedin...

Party On!