bugs and bugs and bugs

I thought I had all the bugs fixed up for release. Mostly that's true, but whenever I go to use DVD Pila! things don't work quite like I would expect them to.

Simple things like clicking on the logo icon from search results doesn't take you back to the main page with all the results. Also, searching from inside a DVD page doesn't take you to the search results. It does show you the results once you go back to the index page though.

These little things make the web app annoying to use. It's those little annoying things that add up and add up and compound and blast into your thinker... then you don't want to use the app ever again. I think the main problem with people using this app is to get it installed on their system, so I want to make things work as rock solid as possible once/if they do get it up and running.

Long story short I'm going to put off the "marketing" part of the project until I have all the little banjaxes worked out.

Party On!