dvdpila 1.3 release

Turns out I just needed one more day, and one more release to make DVD Pila! work the way I'd like. I needed to rearrange some elements in the templates, and add some observers to get things rocking. I did end up finding a couple of more bugs that were a pain while using the app.

I realized that it's not enough to get a feature working and do a release. You need to actually use the whole app and make sure that things work they way you expect. Instead of immediately creating a new release. This time I used the app for a few hours adding, editing DVDs, etc before setting up the release. Definitely a wise decision.

I'm sure it's obvious, but actually using the app wasn't really on my list until this project. I've always tested my web apps, but in this case testing just didn't cut it. I've learned a lot building this project, and have had a lot of fun.

I think this is the first project that I will actually use. There have been a couple of things in the past that after I developed them I was all like pffttt. Who cares...

I guess the majority of my development efforts have been for other people... they do use the web apps I've created.

Party On!