dvdpila graduation

Having finally arrived at a stable release with DVD Pila! I wanted to post a recap of the things I've learned during it's development. Most of what I learned is development related, but hopefully in the near future I'll start learning more marketing lessons from this project.

Not sure if this list is totally comprehensive or not, but is should be pretty close:

  • Ember.js
    • It's on my list of cool projects for quite a while, and I totally used this project as an excuse to dive into the pool of JavaScript goodness that is Ember.
  • Flask
    • Another project that I've wanted to use for a while. Flask was a joy to develop with for the server side, and I'll probably totally use it for other projects in the future.
  • PostgreSQL
    • I don't think I learned much new about PostgreSQL, but it was fun to use for this project. I have a few ideas to use the JSON data type in other projects.
  • Release testing
    • Seems obvious, but I really should have done better testing before creating releases on Github.
  • Duck Duck Go API
    • A cool feature of DVD Pila! is that if the DVD title is unique enough the server can pre-populate most of the fields from search results provided by Duck Duck Go.
  • Bourbon and Friends
    • I think this is my third project that I've used Bourbon Refills for element styling, and I did learn more about Neat and Bitters as well.
    • Not to mention getting better with Sass as well.
  • Jekyll
    • Used for the DVD Pila! web site which is hosted on Github pages.
    • I really liked using Jekyll to build the site and handle the Sass files, posts, etc.
    • Will probably use Jekyll for my upcoming portfolio site.

I think that covers most of the learnings for this project to date. I've said it before, but I think this is the first "self itch straching" project that I'll actually end up using regularly.

Who knows maybe I'll even start a feature list for 2.0...

Party On!