photolandia screeny

I started a Rails project back in February or so, and haven't worked on it in a few months because I was trying to wrap up a paid project and then DVD Pila! sprang forth form my mind balls. I'm now planning on finishing Photolandia a photo sharing web app before moving on to other things.

I'm basically on the last major feature before it should be ready for a 1.0 release. The sharing feature is pretty big though. Don't want people to see photos that the owner doesn't want everyone to see and what not. Big thank you needs to go out to the great tutorials on Treehouse for helping me just back into Rails. I first worked with rails back in like 2006, or something, and bought the Agile Dev with Rails book way back when.

Never did get very far with Rails, I think mostly because I didn't really know that much about HTML, servers, etc. Since then I've done several web apps in Pyramid, Angular.js, etc. The project was started mostly as a learning experience, but I soon realized that I would love a way to private share photos with the in-laws and other family members. This gives me complete control and I don't have to give all the rights to the Facebooks.

Brace yourself for more Rails posts.

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