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I've sent out about four emails as my "marketing campaign" for DVD Pila!, and had my first mailing list signups. I then realized that in the page copy I'm promising a free ebook with signup. Oh, and there's the assumption of some type of mailing list.

The form originally just sent the email form contents to my own email address. I'd thought of just contacting each subscriber personally, which I'll probably do anyway, and send them the book (still writing that though). So I finally used the MailChimp account I setup a whlie back to test some things out for a client.

Setting up a mailing list in MailChimp is super easy, and their interface design is excellent. I made some adjustments to the signup form. Things like the wording, colors, etc. I then used the embedded form inside the [Refills][] modal. Things looked pretty good.

Another thing I had to add, since the modal is pure CSS, is some JavaScript to clear the input field and close the modal after clicking the submit button. For that little bit of fun I used some You Might Not Need jQuery straight up JavaScript.

LIke a baller...

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