dvdpila responsiveness screeny

I noticed the other day that the DVD Pila! website had some issues with responsiveness. The main nav menu just didn't look quite right. Well it totally disappeared for small screens actually. The Blog page was also banjaxed and in need of some adjustments.

Thankfully the Refills are responsive by default and my little adjustments only broke things a little. A few adjustments to the Sass files and things are now looking a heck of a lot better. I simply adjusted the font size of the nav menu and the number of columns for the blog page content. Also, went back to one column for small screens in the blog pages.

After that I finished my "10" (no 5 cause you just don't need that much to develop a web app) tools for web app development eBook. I guess you can call a six page PDF file an eBook. I wrote the book using the the Macdown editor. I really enjoyed writing with Macdown it reminds me of writing in Ghost. The only real problem with using Macdown, or Ghost for that matter, is that there's no spell checking. Pretty big missing feature, but I know the Ghost people are planning on adding that at some point. I just used Apple's Pages app to spell check before exporting the document to HTML from inside Macdown.

I then used the wkhtmltopdf utiltiy to convert the HTML to PDF. I tried simply printing the HTML file to PDF from inside Chrome, but the resulting PDF had odd headers and footers on each page. Not really a big deal, but we're being professional here.

Now all I need is a web app to record when a user has signed up to the mailing list and email them the download link.

Party On!