ebook download

Worked on the 5-tools PDF download page for the DVD Pila! mailing list. The process so far has been pretty simple, I just copied up the index.html from the actual DVD Pila! web app as well as the assets, CSS, etc and made things straight HTML instead of Handlebars.

In my last job I helped setup a file sharing site to allow clients to download certain files, but not others, from a web server. There was some "sort of clever" PHP involved to check that the client has access to a file, then use the heade() function to redirect them to the download. Doing so means that unless they are watching the download process in something like Chrome Dev Tools they won't see the download link.

I've run into a little snag with doing the same type of thing for the eBook download. I'm using a button to download the file instead of a link and using some JavaScript to send an AJAX request to the same PHP file that downloads the file. The problem is that since the file is a PDF Chrome will automatically open the file in the browser. I'd like to save the file, then replace the button with a thank you message. Now that I think about it there's probably a way to override that behavior in Chrome.

Will need to look into that...

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