The next part of the DVD Pila! mailng list signup project, is to develop some sweet email templates. Having done a lot of these for a small web development company a few months ago, I feel that this shouldn't be a big problem. It might even be fun.

Developing HTML email templates is like creating websites for GeoCities. You know that awesome site building service from back in 1995. At least that's when I was first exposed to GeoCities and building websites with tables. I'm not going to talk about how long I still used tables as layout elements for websites (cough... 2010.. cough).

Anyhoo, I used the Really Good Emails site as inspiration for a couple of templates I created recently. I'm not that good at coming up with cool designs so I'm totally "stealing like an artist", "faking it till I make it", etc when it comes to web design. I guess you could also say that about my web development.

I came across this cool page with some Open Source email templages, and I'll try to use a couple for the DVD Pila! eBook download and mailing list emails. I've also used the Ink framework for a template and might use it again.

Part On!