The Handbrake “High Profile” creates a great looking video file that also sounds great. Well until you try to play it in a HTML5 video element. Then you don’t get any sound at all. It’s a codec issue… I think.

Adjusting the High Profile

Change the audio codec for the High Profile to allow sound on the web. First, open Handbrake and select a Source to archive.

Next, select the High Profile in the Presets pane.

Click the Audio tab:

Change the Codec to AAC (ffmpeg) by clicking the Encoder dropdown, and make sure the Bitrate is 160:

Click the Save icon in the Presets pane and choose a name for the new preset. I chose “High Profile Web” cause I’m descriptive like that.


That’s all there is to it. Now when you select the new profile and click the Start button the DVD will be archived and use the new AAC (ffmpeg) codec. The sound works for me in the Google Chrome browser, but your mileage may vary.