Was offline for about 12 hours and did some more work on DVD Pila! converting the static psycopg2 statements to SQLAlchemy objects. Might go so far as to say that I'd wish I'd just used SQLAlchemy off the bat, but I think it was good to learn how to make PostgreSQL statments with psycopg2. It will probably come in handy sometime.

The conversion to SQLAlchemy is happending because I'd like to add some additional tables to the database and I think having an ORM setup will make it a lot easier. SQLAlchemy seems to be the most popular ORM for Python, but the Storm library is also pretty cool.

So far I have the main /dvds GET and POST methods working with SQLAlchemy, and am working on getting all the /dvd/$ID methods setup. Ran into a little trouble when trying to create DVDs without an Internet connection because of the Duck Duck Go integration. Can't search for something without the Internets.

Hopefully I'll get this part of the next version done this week and I can move on to working on some additional features.

Party On!