So I released my first Android app today. You can grab it for $0.99 here. I would have charged $0, but that wasn't an option. I could have made it free, but I guess once you make it free you can never charge for it, and I wanted the option to maybe charge for it in the future. I like having the option to make it free sometime down the road.

The app probably isn't that useful for a wide audience, but there might be a small focused group of people that will find it perfect for what they need to do. Which is scanning barcodes with a phone.

I developed this little app to help with my DVD archive project. I've already created the web app DVD Pila! to keep track of which DVDs I've already archived.

So my next project (which may or may not be a portfolio site) is to add the ability in DVD Pila! to recieve a barcode lookup the barcode on Yoopsie and create a new DVD object in the database. Should be pretty easy since I've already done most of the steps in the BarcodePOST already.

Need to finish migrating the data model to SQLAlchemy in DVD Pila! as well.

Party On!