Just realized that it's been two days since I posted in this blog. I had a streak going of a few months there, but this weekend we had company over, actually two sets of company, and totally spaced posting something. Maybe I should change the format to only post something useful? Then I'd have to change the name of the blog I guess...

This weekend, and some on Friday, I finally got around to setting up a portfolio site. You can find mine here. It's pretty simple, and there's not a lot of customization except colors from the standard Refills elements.

I decided a few months ago to focus on using just a few technologies for web sites in order to stay focused as much as possible. My list so far includes:

  • Flask as the server.
  • Ember.js for JavaScript framework.
  • Bourbon Refills for design framework.
  • Jekyll for static sites.
  • PostgreSQL for database.
  • SQLAlchemy for ORM.

So as you can imagine the portfolio site is a Jekyll site using Bourbon Refills and for the hero unit background I used the very cool Trianglify project. I also used this for the device backgroun on the BarcodePOST project page.

I've been thinking that I might have to find an additional design framework because the last couple of sites sort of look a lot alike. I could also customize the sites more though.

I might just need a better layout technique than a center column with different sections...

Party On!