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So there was a small problem with searching in DVD Pila! while in a DVD page. I thought I'd locked it down, but noticed that, though you can now search from inside a DVD page, if you do a second search from a DVD page it won't take you to the results until you click the DVD Pila! icon. Not ideal.

After some re-familiarization with the DVD Pila! Ember.js code, I think I understand how the search functionality works better than when I initially wrote it. If I remember correclty I changed the search function to fix the bug after moving onto another project so I might not have focussed as much as I should have on it.

There's an Ember observer on the searchResults property which actually performs the transition to the index route which displays the filtered results. I tested out a few different ways to make things work, but in the end I found that just bouncing the poperty when the search field is focussed allows searches to every time all the time:

focusIn: function(event) {
  var $search = $(;

   if ($search.val() != '') {
     App.searchResultsController.set('searchResults', true);
     App.searchResultsController.set('searchResults', false);

Might not be the most elegant solution, but it works for now. Now on to displaying multiple "episode/disc" videos on a DVD page...

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