One thing I'm starting to miss about Rails is the automagic of CRUD operations for model classes. Not that's it's a big deal to code up a few functions to respond to PUT, GET, POST, and DELETE. The way Rails does all that automatically is very nice.

As you can probably guess I've started working on creating, editing, and deleting Episode objects in DVD Pila!, and it feels like it's going slowly becuase I have to do all the "plumbing" manually. Though there is probably a nice Flask plugin that can do similar things as ActiveRecord.

I've started wondering if I might have to migrate DVD Pila! to Rails, or another "full" featured, framework. I think with only two models, and another one coming, that a simple Flask server will be adequete. Also, since DVD Pila! is designed to run on a home LAN it's not like "scale" is a major concern.

It's also kind of fun to get built up from the ground up...

Party On!