Solid Foundation

Hard to put a value on how great the Foundation framework is, but I’d say it’s pretty valuable. The web app just works snappier and the pagination is a lot cleaner. Though most of that could totally have been cleaned up in the Ember version.

DVD Playback

Most of the enhancements in 3.0 revolve around playing video files. The standard HTML5 video element doesn’t provide many, well any really, way to control playback besides the controls element.

That’s where JavaScript comes in. Well really CoffeeScript and a whole bunch of jQuery event bindings.

  • Left and Right arrow keys can seek the video forward and backward.
  • Scrolling inside the video element will also seek the video forward and backward.
  • Double clicking the video will toggle fullscreen.
  • Single clicking the video will pause/play.

DVDs Themselves

Because Rails is so awesome at CRUD tasks, and maybe I should have done it with the original, there’s a stand alone page for creating DVDs. Previously all you could enter when creating a DVD was the title, rating, and user (which has been done away with… let me know if you’d like it brought back).

  • After adding a title the DVD Pila! will search Duck Duck Go in the back ground and populate the rest of the fields if it finds the DVD.
  • There are now popover (tooltips) when hovering a DVD in the index page.
  • Episodes can now have Bookmarks.
  • Tags are more integrated and with Rails.

Going Forward

At some point I’d like to develop an Android client for DVD Pila!. The thought is to use the JSON API data to populate a mobile app and allow video playback as well. Who knows maybe even an Android TV app could then be developed.

The future is bright…

Party On!